Durga Kawach

Devi Kavacham is considered as a powerful stotram (chant) to nullify negative vibes around you. It acts as an armour in protecting one from any evil spirits. Devi Kavacham was recited by Lord Brahma to sage Markandeya and consists 47 slokas. Lord Brahma praises Goddess Parvati in nine different forms of Mother Divine. Lord Brahma solicits each one to recite Devi Kavacham and seek blessings of the Devis.

Devi Kavacham sloka invokes Goddess Devi as the chant mentions different names of the Devi connected to different parts of the body. Every name has a specific quality and energy. These names and forms are closely related. Chanting Devi Kavacham is popular during Navratri.

Slokas (chant) have the potential to turn around negative, repulsive vibrations into more positive and attractive vibrations. This is the advantage of chanting a sloka. It is said the person who recites Devi Kavacham regularly, with sincere devotion and correct pronunciation, is protected from all ills.

It is also believed that by chanting Devi Kavacham, one gets health benefits too. It is recommended to to recite Devi Kavacham daily to reap the benefits.

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